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Anonymous: Asked about the gender-neutral terms, came back to clarify. I mean in-scene terms. I've never heard a sub respond with "yes, Dom" in a scene. It's always Master or Mistress or boy or girl (well, pet is neutral) - are there terms for those in between?




Oh! Hmm. I guess ‘Master’ could be gender-neutral, but it usually isn’t. “Mix” is the only gender-neutral honorific I know of… anyone else care to help, if you know any?


In the club I used to attend, it was standard for any sub to refer to any Dom as ‘owner’ until the Dom clarified their preference for the remainder of the scene.

There’s a lot of neutral alternatives to sir/ma’am or mr/ms/mrs - so if that’s what you’re looking for in a scene, you’ve got options! has a whole page of gender neutral titles.

If you’re hoping for something a little more obviously Ds you can try superior, and I’ve even heard of mastress (master + mistress) being used before. I actually like the sound of mastress.

Then there’s more exalting terms, if we’re looking for something a little more… royal. [My] Liege, [your] highness, [your] excellence, [your] majesty etc. Depending on the scenes, there are even more options! 


Occupational honorifics (as appropriate or as you please!):

  • Doctor, Doc
  • Coach
  • Captain, Cap
  • Chief
  • Professor
  • Number One
  • Teacher
  • Counselor (ntbcw Councillor (unless you’re into that))
  • Prime
  • …or just Boss!

Also, strictly formalized terms of affection like “my Love” and “my Heart” can be reeeeally nice in a scene. So nice. IMO.